QA Program

We at CHEMTECH have designed a quality assurance program that covers every facet of our operation. Dedication to high quality data and service is at the very essence of our work. Evidence of our commitment to quality is illustrated by our outstanding performance on proficiency tests and audits.

CHEMTECH’s Quality Assurance Program ensures our clients that they will receive reliable and legally justifiable data in a timely fashion. Our staff is dedicated to meeting these requirements each and every time. We endeavor to maintain our high quality standards while constantly striving to improve operations through the spirit of innovation and new technology.

Continuous quality improvement is the foundation of CHEMTECH’s Quality System. The elements of our Quality System are clearly documented in our Quality Assurance Manual and is utilized is by all CHEMTECH employees. Standard Operating Procedures for all tests and measures are developed in accordance with guidelines set forth in our Quality Assurance Manual.

The Quality System is designed to meet the most rigorous requirements of individual States, US EPA, NELAC, and Department of Defense Agencies. Modeling our system to the most thorough protocols established by these agencies standardizes our operation and further improves CHEMTECH’s ability to consistently provide high quality data.