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NELAP Certification

CHEMTECH has been granted NELAP certification by the NJDEP, a NELAP recognized accrediting authority. The certification is based upon the NELAP standards, which include: an onsite audit, personnel qualification, proficiency test results, Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Ethics and Data Integrity Policies in addition to health and safety practices, instrumentation, and facilities.

Air Analysis

We have expanded our capabilities in Air Analysis by adding new instruments and adapting new methodologies such as TO-1, TO-2, TO-15 and TO-17, using Thermal Desorption GC/MS. CHEMTECH is providing multimedia tubes, Tedlar bags, SUMMA canisters (6 Liter) and Mini Cans (1.4 Liter).

Automated Data Review (ADR)

ADR is a revolutionary new feature that performs an automated EPA Level III data review of an Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) file. The application is designed to perform routine data quality and precision checks traditionally performed through a manual data review of the hardcopy report.

Seal of Excellence

CHEMTECH has been awarded the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL) Seal of Excellence. To be eligible for the award, the participating laboratory must adhere to the Code of Ethics and Data Integrity. The award is then based upon a Client Satisfaction Survey and Proficiency Sample results.

CHEMTECH has been providing Environmental Services since 1967.

New Instrumentation increases CHEMTECH’s production capacity and efficiency.

ICPMS Thermo Elemental Analyzer
GC/MSD Thermo Trace Ultra GC/DSQ/Eclipse/Archon
GC/MSD Thermo Finnigan Trace Ultra GC/DSQ
Entech 7100 Preconcentrator Entech 7524 Canister Autosampler